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All ingredients are carefully selected and a deliberate process is followed to deliver beers to enjoy.


Wild Ohio Brewing focuses on creating a high-quality brew with rare flavors. We brew our beer locally in Ohio. We pride ourselves on using new recipes and age-old secrets to create tea beer with a taste that makes people say “WOW!” All ingredients are carefully selected to produce original tea beer. Our products have gained an impressive fan base and we keep moving forward. At Wild Ohio Brewing, we produce gluten-free tea beer, which comes in four flavors:


Delectable blueberry juice coupled with a touch of lavender creates a sweet and tart flavor mix, which will be forever memorable!

Blood Orange

Citrus lovers can appreciate the blood orange and juicy tangerine mix in one glass.


The tropical mango flavor is a rare guest in a beer glass. Mango Hops are an opportunity to enjoy the combination.

Black Cherry

Juicy black cherries mixed with robust bourbon and a hint of vanilla appeal to those who love unusual flavors.


Our DalyPalmer is par for the course. With a more pronounced tea flavor with nuances of tangy lemonade, DalyPalmer will be your new cup of tea. No need to maintain a stiff upper lip while imbibing. Available Spring/Summer.


Our Seasonal beer blends the lush juice of ripe cranberries with a little magic from our brewer to create a refreshingly crisp adult beverage. Antioxidant-rich Cranberry is screaming with flavor and has a delightful tart and crisp finish. Available Fall/Winter.